What You Want To Know About Wellness Vacations

What exactly is a “wellness vacation” and is it right for you? If you are considering a wellness vacation you probably are wondering where you would go and what exactly you would be doing.

The definition of a wellness vacation is traveling to improve your physical and emotional well-being. So what does that mean?

Perhaps you enjoy sporting activities like cycling, kayaking or hiking. Or maybe you have never done any of those things but you would like to learn. Some women need time to relax and disconnect from their daily lives by spending some time pampering themselves at a spa. Some prefer reconnecting to their inner self through meditation and yoga. And for some it is a combination of engaging in a new activity and getting some relaxation poolside! The point is that what is needed for well-being is different for everyone.

When choosing what type of wellness vacation is best for you, consider what would make you feel happy, rested, inspired and rejuvenated. It’s okay if the idea of hiking the Alps or taking surfing lessons is less than appealing, the idea is to do what is best for YOU.

Sometimes you do not really know what exactly would give you the experience you are looking for, so my advice to choose something that has variety. A wellness river cruise is a great option. Wellness cruises are available in many wonderful destinations and are available year round. They provide professional wellness instructors on board to facilitate yoga and fitness classes. The cuisine is fabulous and often fresh ingredients are gathered locally for an authentic culinary experience. Most wellness cruises have bicycles for use and they all offer a variety of shore excursions with different options at each location such as walking tours of the destination and tours with hiking, biking and culinary focus. You can mix and match activities according to how you are feeling that day. Many ships have swimming pools and some have spa services as well. The best thing about a wellness cruise is that they are all inclusive (including wine) and you only unpack once!

For those looking for a specific retreat to focus on mindfulness and exercise there are many spas and wellness retreats in absolutely stunning destinations. You can experience everything from yoga and meditation to surfing and hiking camps.

The most important thing is to take your health and wellness journey in a way that will rejuvenate your body, inspire your mind and refresh your soul creating a healthy joyful lifestyle.

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