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Itineraries To Inspire Your Next Adventure

Manitoba Wildlife Adventure


See the King of the Arctic in the Polar Bear Capital of the World! Each fall, the world's largest concentration of polar bears convenes on the western edge of Hudson Bay, waiting for the ice to form and their winter seal-hunting season to begin. Experience the tundra guided by expert naturalists. View the bears from custom-built tundra vehicles and for ultimate immersion in the kingdom of the polar bear, stay at a private Lodge, situated directly in the bears' realm, with access to viewing around the clock. 

French Culinary Adventure

Immerse yourself in French culture and culinary delights. Begin your french culinary adventure in Paris, The City of Light. Cruise along the Seine and take in the beauty of the ancient city while dining on superbly prepared cuisine.  Join a local guide on a private walking tour of one of Paris' finest gastronomic neighborhoods where you will enjoy carefully aged cheeses and artisanal charcuterie. Attend a cooking class with a local chef and savor a gourmet meal prepared in one of the city's finest Michelin Starred restaurants.

Continue your culinary experience in the french countryside. Stay in a private, charming, restored farmhouse while learning to cook classic french cuisine. Visit local markets and farms, and immerse yourself in the local culture. 


African Safari Cruise


Stay in Johannesburg before flying to Kasane, Botswana for your  wildlife and safari cruise. Revel in the Chobe National Park’s breathtaking scenery and marvel at its mighty elephants splashing in the water and the stealthy lions ruling over the plains. Continue to the UNESCO-designated Victoria Falls. Experience five-star cuisine, excellent South African wines, extraordinary scenery, amazing wildlife and fascinating safaris as you journey through southern Africa.

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