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Cruising: The Ultimate Adventure

When you think of cruising, what image comes to mind?  Most people envision one of the massive cruise liners with thousands of people, casinos, wave pools and the midnight buffet!  The large ocean cruise ships have a lot to offer, but they are not for everyone. 


Did you know that there are many ways to experience fantastic adventures, active itineraries and spectacular service while cruising?  It's true! 


Expedition ships take you to the remotest parts of the world and get you up close and personal with nature, wildlife and other cultures. 


River cruising makes seeing multiple countries a breeze with luxurious service, easy transport and a variety of experiences in multiple ports - and you only unpack once! 


Small ship cruising incorporates the best of best, with personalized luxury service, dining and intimacy that you won't find on the big ships.

If you are curious about what an alternative cruise experience can offer, contact me today, I am happy to answer all of your cruising questions!

What is Your Idea of  the Perfect Vacation?

Have you ever thought about scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef,

 horseback riding on the black sand beaches of Iceland

or photographing polar bears on the tundra?

How about taking a luxury river cruise through Eastern Europe or  

learning to make pasta in your private villa in Tuscany? 

Planning a vacation takes a lot of time and finding

information that you can trust can be a challenge. That's where I can help.


I will be there to support you, not only while planning your

dream vacation, but also during your travels, because

let's face it, sometimes things don't go as planned.

No matter of what your idea of the perfect vacation is,

I can design the trip you are dreaming about,

built around your travel style and interests.